Creative Problem solving

Most photographers are not magicians, but an experienced photographer may have a trick or two up their sleeve.

Behind the scenes, the most simple looking images are often the most difficult and technical to achieve - requiring knowledge, experience and hours of experimentation.

Here are some of the times you may want to call in a professional to promote yourself, your business and your products.

Breathe life into Inanimate objects

Customer: I want my products to come alive. I need them to pop!

Apart from being a very adorable teddy bear, I think that what makes this image work is the sense that the bear has been caught in the act of toppling over the blocks, as a curious cat or playful child would do. The simple use of some props to create a sense of movement turns a standard product image into one that engages and tells a story. The bear's personality is magnified. He has the breath of life. How can a potential customer resist?

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I hate having my photo taken!

Customer : and can you just make me look (FILL IN THE BLANK)!
more beautiful
more tanned
more fit
... or whatever phrase works for you.

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Kiss for E-Commerce

Customer: I want my e-commerce site to look professional.

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white on white

Customer: Can you photograph white on white? is that even possible?

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glass & shiny things

There is a reason why photographers generally charge a premium for photographing products made from glass, highly reflective materials like stainless steel or transparent materials like clear plastic. It is a technical challenge. When done well, though, the results can be simply stunning, conveying a sense of elegance and quality.

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The Invisible Model

Ghost Mannequin images

Clothing often looks better on than it does on the rack. In recent years, presenting clothing with a 3d effect using a ghost mannequin has become popular. Ghosted product images will give your e-commerce site a professional, consistent and quality feel.
Image : Baby Linen Wrap (Leather Baby Co)

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Just a white background

Customer: I just need some simple product shots on white background. Shouldn't take too long.

What the customer is really saying:
I need retouched images of my product so it looks immaculate, with the images deep etched and placed onto a pure white (R255 G255 B255) background for e-commerce.

Photographing on a white background does not give you a clean pure white background. The camera also has 20/20 vision - so every defect, scratch, and piece of dust on your product will show.

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colour is critical

My mum once said "That orange car is red", and no truer words have been spoken to sum up the theories of colour perception, and the minefield lurking beneath the interpretation of a colour from object, to camera, to post processing, to seeing an image of the object on your device. Colour is critical but it is never true (sorry Cyndi).

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Styling takes time

Customer: I've tried to style my products so it looks good, but it never seems to work. I spent so much time on it. I think its just that I'm not very creative.

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get the most from your image investment

Tops tips for working with your photographer to make the most from your investment.

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