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I believe that my clients should get the most from their investment in professional photography.

This collection of articles, links to other experts, and personal insights will help you get the most of of your investment.

The collection includes:

  • looking behind the scenes and what really happens in a photoshoot
  • articles explaining why it is important to understand some of the technical aspects of photography before hiring a photographer
  • some top tips to prepare for your photoshoot
  • case studies on how my clients have used my services

We are currently putting together a range of resources and articles our clients. If you wish to receive a notification when these resources are ready and published, subscribe below with your email address and you will receive a notification when the planned articles are "hot off the press".

Resources currently under development are :

  1. Breathing Life into Inanimate Objects : Tips for product and DIY photographers to liven up their product images
  2. Kiss for E-Commerce : Composition and presentation strategies for e-commerce images
  3. Colour is Critical : Busting the myths about colour and colour representation in a digital world
  4. Styling Takes Time : Top tips for creating beautiful flat lay images
  5. Preparing for Your Photoshoot Series : Series of articles for clients for different photoshoots (Portrait, Event, Product)
  6. Speaking Phototographer Speak : Closing the gap between what customers say and what photographers mean
  7. Getting the Most from Your Photography Investment : Things for a client to consider so they get best value from hiring a professional photographer

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We offer boutique photography services for commercial product photography, visual content for websites and social media, professional portraits and event photography.