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Indicative Service Level & Pricing

The price of your product photoshoot depends on a whole host of variables, the type of product, the type and number of images (e-commerce, styled or lifestyle), and the level of post processing that is required to meet the requirements of your assignment. Product photoshoots are typically a combination of e-commerce, style and lifestyle images. For an accurate and obligation free quote, please contact me directly so I can present you with a customised quote based on your product photography needs.

My aim is to provide my clients with a complete service, so that you receive images in the format that you require for your advertising and marketing campaign. I photograph and handle the post production of your images in house, so if there are any issues, they can be resolved quickly and directly.

The following list of examples (although not comprehensive) is to provide you with an indicative price for different kinds of product images and a indication of what is considered in preparing your quote. Please note, that the price for your particular products may vary depending on the variables listed above. Low volume shoots will typically be more expensive per image than a high volume product shoot. Our minimum charge for a product shoot (regardless of the number of images is $150). With a higher volume of products, it is usually possible to achieve some economies of scale in the time required to photograph and complete the post production work for the images. For higher volume product shoots we are able to offer a cost effective complete project price rather than quoting the assignment on a per image cost basis.

Lifestyle Product Shoots or Styled/ Staged Product Shoots are usually quoted on a project basis. Two packages are available "to get the basics" for staged and lifestyle product shoots. For new clients, who are about to launch a product on Amazon (or similar) site, we have a special introductory package provide you with all the images you need to launch your product. As with all our services, we can customise packages based on your specific requirements.

I am also open to discussing alternatives with my clients to achieve the same outcome but in a more efficient ways.

E-Commerce Images

Product isolated on white background to list on your own e-commerce store, or on third party sites such as Amazon.

Dragon Papillon Service LEvel

For low volume photoshoots, in studio, we offer a per image quote from $16.00/ image with retouching only; and from $20.50/ image for retouching with deep etched outlines. For higher volume photoshoots, we quote on an hourly rate for an estimated time it will take to photograph the products and complete the post production of the images.

Price is based on a single item

  • products that have various components/ or come as a pack of items are charged as staged images and not single product e-commerce images
  • products that have "non-compliant" surfaces, such as glass, reflective metal or transparent materials have a base rate of $25 per retouched image, before deep etching.

Includes retouching and deep etching services. Product is generally presented on a pure white background (R255G255B255); as high resolution JPEG files. Web optimised versions of the images are available on request and can be sized to your specific digital platform.

Customer can license a .png version of the image i.e. images on transparent background for $7.50 per image.

Note: For low volume photoshoots, we quote on a per image quote, with a minimum quote of $150 regardless of the number of images to be shot/ delivered to the client.

Single E-commerce Product (Item) with Post Production: Retouch Only

From $16.00/ image

Single E-commerce Product (Item) with Post Production: Retouch & Deep Etch

From $20.50/ Image

Single E-commerce Product, Multiple Items with Post Production: Retouch & Deep Etch

From $25.00/ image

Staged & Styled Images

Images are styled or staged e.g. product offering has a number of items; product with components displayed, main product with other products, or with props. Products could be displayed on a plain setting and then deep-etched for e-commerce; or may be displayed "in situ"; or showcased in a flat lay styled image.

Dragon Papillon Service LEvel

For low volume photoshoots, we quote on a per image quote, with a minimum quote of $150 regardless of the number of images to be shot/ delivered to the client.

Staged/ Styled Product Images are quoted on a per image basis from $18/ retouched image for grouped products or product offerings with multiple components and from $25/ image for retouched & deep etched images.

For creative flat lay images and in situ images we generally recommend a project based quote and there are several options, depending on the number of images your require and the amount of post production work involved. The pricing is the same as indicative prices shown in the Lifestyle Images below.

Requests for an individual lay lay image are quoted at $45 per image and includes retouching.

Single Flat Lay Styled Product with Post Production : Retouch & Deep Etch

From $25.00/ image

Creative Flat Lay - Product Staged with Props with Post Production : Retouch

From $45.00/ Image

Styled In Situ - Product Staged with Props with Post Production : Retouch

From $45.00/ image

Styled Single Product Offering with Multiple Items and Post Production : Retouch Only

From $30.00/ image

Single Product Photographed In Situ (natural lighting) with Post Production : Retouch

From $18.00/ Image

Isolated Product inserted onto "in-situ" background with Psot Production : Retouch, Deep Etch & Composites

Quote Required

LiFESTYLE & Product iMAGES With Model

Lifestyle products shoots generally showcase the product being used in "real life" or could be more staged as creative shots focussed on a particular theme or concept.

Dragon Papillon Service LEvel

We quote our lifestyle photography on a per project basis depending on the client's conceptual brief. The key factors that affect the quote - the length of the photoshoot, the level of post production work (editing/ retouching/ artistic license) requested by the client.

Model Release forms are required for all commercial product shoots with clients. Dragon Papillon Photography retains an original copy of the signed release, a copy to the client and a copy to the model. Model Release information is embedded in the digital image file.

We recommend either of the packages

Getting the Basics Package from $330*

  • 2 hour photoshoot
  • All imaged edited and delivered as high quality, web-optimised sized files (note: file size is not suitable for print)
  • Download limited to 60 edited images
  • Option to purchase additional edited images at $4.50 per image
  • Option to select Hero Images for retouching or artistic interpretation

Half Day Package from $555*

  • 4 hour photoshoot
  • All imaged edited and delivered as high quality, web-optimised sized files (note: file size is not suitable for print)
  • Download limited to 120 edited images
  • Option to purchase additional edited images at $4.50 per image
  • Option to select Hero Images for retouching or artistic interpretation

In Studio, Live Model Lifestyle with Post Production: Edit Only

2 Hour Package

Lifestyle on Location with Post Production : Edit Only

2 Hour Package

Lifestyle on Location with Post Production : Retouch Only

1/2 Day Package +

Lifestyle In Studio with Post Production : Retouch, Deep Etch and Interpretative

Quote Required

Other Services

Ghosted Mannequin with Post Production: Retouch and Deep Etch

From $25/ Image

Composites : Base Images retouched and deep etched

$ 60 per Hour

Infographics : Base image retouched and deep etched

$60 per hour

E-Commerce Launch Package

Since 2013, Dragon Papillon Photography has collaborated with numerous clients selling their products on e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Ebay. Over that time we have acquired considerable knowledge from our successful e-commerce sellers and readily share and draw on that knowledge when photographing images for new clients.

Launching a new product can be daunting, and we respect the time, effort and commitment our clients have already invested in the process before thinking about their product images. To assist our new clients to launch their product, we have developed an e-commerce launch package that meets all the requirements to successfully launch a product on Amazon (or like site). The package is an introductory offer available to new clients taking a new product to market.

Launch Package Details

Our E-Commerce Launch Package includes deep etched product images, lifestyle images and infographics. Everything you need to launch your product without fuss.

New Client Price : $325 (services valued around $439) and includes :

  • 4 Deep etched standard product images on pure white background (Min Value : $82)
  • 1 Infographic: photography of up to 4 unique images needed for the infographic and 2 hours graphic work for design & creation of infographic (Min Value : $120)
  • 1 Composite Image which can include up to 4 images (Min Value : $102)/ 2nd infographic
  • 3 Styled or Staged or Lifestyle Images depending on your product but may include flat lay image, product photographed in situ, or styled with props for "lifestyle" feel. (Min Value : $135).
  • Also receive images that were photographed to create infographic or composite images as separate images.

Receive a minimum of 9 images ready to list when your product launches.

Example of Ecommerce Launch Package


  • Dragon Papillon Photography is a registered business with public liability insurance.
  • I have a current Working With Children Check (WWCC).
  • Service Area: Dragon Papillon Photography provides lifestyle product photography services to Sydney and the Greater Sydney Region.
  • Booking Fee. An upfront booking payment of $75 (included in the total package price) is required to secure my services and is non-refundable, except in the unlikely event I am unable to attend your photoshoot and have been unable to secure another professional photographer to cover your event, or there are changes to COVID-19 social restrictions which prevent the event from happening. The Booking Fee is not refunded in the event of a cancellation by the Client.
  • On Location Fees are charged depending on the distance from our studio based in postcode 2060. On Location Fees cover travel time and travel costs to your event. Our On Location Fees are as follows -
  • within postcode 2060 : $35.
  • round trip < 20 km from postcode 2060 : $55.
  • round trip > 20km from postcode 2060 : $55 plus $1.35/km exceeding 20 kms.
  • Incidental Expenses associated with organising and performing the photoshoot are charged at cost to the client in the final invoice and may include parking or admission fees, hiring specialist equipment, hiring/ procuring props, hiring models.
  • Administration Fees: Dragon Papillon Photography charges $35 per hour for any administrative/ logistical work required to organise and perform the photoshoot which may include but not limited to time spent for model searches, location scouting, procuring props, sourcing stock images.
  • Post Production Services and File Delivery. Files are delivered via a link to a password-protected and private gallery.
  • Editing, Retouching, Composites and Interpretative Work. Editing refers to the processing of RAW images to a useable format for clients, and global adjustments to images from your photoshoot and may include exposure adjustments, white balance adjustments, contrast control and clarity. Retouching refers to post production work (usually carried out in Adobe Photoshop) which may include but not limited to cropping, straightening, removal of dust & product imperfections, cloning, healing, colour correction or matching. Composites are images that are made of a number of images brought together to form a single image e.g. infographics and may include graphic design work. Artistic Interpretation involves the modification of the original image using filters and overlays and other means to create a "work of art".
  • Image Licensing. Dragon Papillon Photographer retains copyright to all images. Images are embedded with a digital license for commercial use and may not be used, distributed or shared for publicity, marketing or commercial purposes by the client or other third parties.
  • Gallery Access. You receive full access to download images from your gallery on full payment of the final invoice.

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